Best 5 Gift Ideas "For Her"

Perfect gift ideas for all women in your life, whether it’s your mom, sister, daughter, friend, partner or someone else you want to make happy :) These are some of the most thoughtful & creative gift ideas which will make every lady happy!


1. The thoughtful & symbolic gift - “Mother’s/Family Birthstone Ring”

Birthstones of all loved ones combined in one piece - ring, pendant, earrings - the choice is yours.

This is an amazing & thoughtful idea. Did you know every month has its symbolic birthstone? You can create a unique piece set with birthstone combination representing each member of your family (or friend group) and make a personal & symbolic gift for someone to cherish.

*Are you thinking: But how do I find a piece with the exact specific birthstones?
Answer: Do not worry. We are happy to work with you & customise the piece for you. Simply message us what you’re looking for & we’ll see the options. I can customise any of my designs with different stones for you (depending on availability), so simply email us here so we can together create something special for your loved one ;)

Birthstone Pendant
Mother's Ring

2. Stylish & Playful gift - Set of stackable rings

Perfect gift for your sister or best friend, but I’m sure it would be appreciated by your mom or any other lady in your life as well. Choose a few stackable pieces and create for them a stylish & playful gift. They can wear one, two, three rings, and change the looks depending on the mood.

*Choose a band with specific birthstones and make this gift more personal.

Stackable Bands
Stackable Rings

3. Everyone’s Favourite - Dainty Birthstone Pendant

One thing our customers love to buy are pieces with their own birthstone. Simply find out which birthstone you’re looking for & get one piece for your loved one, you can’t go wrong here ;) Find birthstone chart here.

Vintage Opal Pendant
Birthstone Pendant

Shop this beautiful dainty pendant in vintage design here

4. Something Heritage Worthy - The Piece to Cherish Forever

If the person loves statement jewelry, it will surely be a great idea to get them something special. Try & focus on their favourite color & I’m sure you can find a breathtaking piece. We’ll be happy to help with the selection, there’s plenty of rare pieces available with large gemstones set in unique designs, waiting to glory / be showed off :)


Large Turquoise Pendant
Large Chrysoprase Ring

5. The Forever Gift - Promise / Engagement Ring

Christmas is apparently the most favourite day in a year to get engaged, so this one must have made a list. One of our favourite engagement stones is Opal - it’s a magical gemstone (btw, if you’d be interested to know more about the gemstone, click here).

*If you plan to propose, a nice idea might also be to opt for yours or your loved one’s birthstone ;)

Affordable Engagement Ring
Fire Opal Promise Ring

We had plenty of successful “yes” & we’re excited to help find the perfect ring for another happy couple



***And the bonus piece

As Jackie Kennedy said, “Pearls are always appropriate”

Pearl Pendant
Dainty Pearl Earrings

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