The Joy of Giving Rings: How to Find out the Correct Ring Size & more advice

How to choose ring size


Presenting someone with a ring is exciting but may also be challenging, particularly if you don't know their size. This post will discuss popular sizes, simple methods for estimating a person's ring size, and fun alternative presents to consider if a ring isn't the ideal option.

Determining Ring Size: Smart Approximations


Being a Detective

Finding someone's ring size without asking them directly takes some cunning. To gauge their response, you may initially offer them a different modest present or pose sly questions. Another option is to covertly borrow a ring they currently own for a day or ask their pals for assistance.

The Ring Tracing

Drawing the inside and outside of the paper ring is a nice fallback if you cannot borrow their ring. These drawings may be used to estimate the correct size.

Novel Ideas

You may sometimes ask the individual to try on a friend's ring or compare their ring finger to your own. Although not very precise, these estimates might help you gauge their magnitude.

Typical Ring Sizes


Various Sizes for Everybody
Adult ring sizes in the United States typically range from 5 to 13 US. Men's rings typically range from 8 to 12 US, while women's rings typically fit between sizes 5 to 8 US.
Typical Sizes

A size 6 is often worn by ladies and a size 10 by men. However, getting a ring adjusted to fit flawlessly is common.

Making Rings Fit Better


How a Ring Can Be Sized

Even if you're unsure about your ring size choice - please don't worry at all as all our rings can be resized and we're more than happy to help.

More Fun Gift Ideas


All Sorts of Jewelry

A necklace or earrings can be a better option if you're unsure about the ring size. Not only are these presents incredibly amazing, but you don't have to worry about size.


Picking a Gift That Says the Right Thing


Gifts Should Be Special

Your choice of gift should convey your feelings. Your present should be appropriate for the recipient and the occasion, whether you're expressing gratitude, expressing love, or commemorating a significant event.

The Joy of Contributing

A ring is a kind and considerate gift to give someone. It conveys your deep concern. It might be challenging to choose the correct size, but it will all be worthwhile when you see their delighted expression when they open your present. Whether the present is a new kind of jewelry, a ring that can be adjusted in size, or a perfectly sized band, what matters most is the love you put into it.


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