Why Buy a Multi-Stone Engagement Ring?
When it comes to engagement rings, there are many different styles and designs to choose from. One popular option is a multi-stone engagement ring. While traditional solitaire rings remain a classic choice, multi-stone rings have become increasingly popular recently. 
How to Mix and Match Artistic Silver Jewelry for a Unique Mother's Day Gift
Gift-giving occasions like Mother's Day hold great significance in our lives because they allow us to express our love, appreciation, and gratitude toward our loved ones. 
Tips For Buying Mother's Day Jewelry On A Budget
Finding affordable yet meaningful jewellery options for Mother's Day is important because it allows you to express your love and appreciation without breaking the bank.
5 Reasons Why Gemstone Pendants Make Great Gifts

Gemstone pendants are a popular and timeless form of jewellery that offer beauty, spiritual significance, and some people believe that these pieces have healing properties. 

How To Clean Gemstone Jewelry
How To Clean Gemstone Jewelry
Gemstone jewelry can bring beauty and elegance to any outfit, but it's important to keep it clean to maintain its stunning appearance. Regular cleaning can help gemstones retain their shine, luster, and brilliance, so keeping your jewelry clean is a good practice. 
Are Opals Worth Investing In?
Are Opals Worth Investing In?
Opals are a popular and unique gemstone that has been valued for centuries. With their vibrant colours and unusual patterns, it's no wonder that many people wonder if they're a good investment.
Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Jewelry Lovers
Valentine's Day Gift Guide ...
Gifting on Valentine's Day is important to show love, affection, and appreciation to the person you care about. The exchange of gifts on this special day of the year provides an opportunity to deepen the emotional connection between two people, whether they are in a romantic relationship or simply friends or family members. A thoughtful gift can convey the message that the giver thinks about the recipient and that the recipient is loved and valued. 
Last Minute Mother's Day Gift ♥
Send your mom this message & let her know something exciting is coming! ♥ Select from our most favourite pieces here  
Mother’s Day Selection
Perfect gifts to celebrate mothers in our lives. Personalised Birthstone Rings How to order?1. Click on your favourite design2. Select Size & Add to cart3. Add a note with the birth-mo...
Best Valentine's Gift Ideas
Best Valentine's Gift Ideas
14th February, Valentine’s Day - on this special day, we celebrate our significant others. This year, we thought about sharing our customers’ favourite choices, so get inspired ;)   Here’s our Valentin...
Best 5 Gift Ideas
Best 5 Gift Ideas "For Her"
Perfect gift ideas for all women in your life, whether it’s your mom, sister, daughter, friend, partner or someone else you want to make happy :) These are some of the most thoughtful & creative gift...
Tourmaline Gemstone
Tourmaline Gemstone

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Coral Gemstone - Pink, Red & Angel Skin

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Gemstone Care
  Some Gemstones are more sensitive than others...   Opal If you're a proud owned of Opal stone, you should remember to take particular care of this piece.  Opals are stunning but delicate & porous ...
How to Fix Earrings - Fix English Lock Earrings - Adjust Earrings Closure - DIY Fix Earrings
*The posts/pins are made of pure solid 925 sterling silver, which is naturally a softer metal & can sometimes move a little bit. So if your earrings feel "easy to open", all you need to do is to follo...
Silver Jewelry, Anti Tarnish Care
  Pure Solid Silver always darkens with a time, this is a very natural thing for Solid Silver. That's why you should clean your jewelry every two months with a special silver cloth - to get the shine back....
Sapphire - September Birthstone

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Aquamarine - March Birthstone

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Turquoise, The Sleeping Beauty - December Birthstone

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Ocean Jasper
Ocean Jasper

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Amber - the time capsule
Amber - the time capsule

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