Our Story

High Quality Jewelry from the purest materials - Genuine Gems & Precious Stones set in Pure Solid Sterling Silver My mission is giving the most wonderful customer experience & creating high quality jewelry made from pure (925 hallmark) Sterling Silver set with Genuine Gemstones, Precious-Stones & Birthstones. My jewelry are hand made in Europe with high European Standards. Once you hold & wear my pieces you will immediately feel the difference & an overall feeling of satisfaction that these pieces are truly made to last & can be worn proudly.
I cast my creations with a wonderful family run casting workshop from St. Petersburg. I source all the stones myself (alongside my husband) & know their origin and pretty much everything there is to know about them. My passion is creating High Quality but affordable jewelry that look & feel very well made. I take pride in my heritage & all the hard work put into each jewelry piece I make, I hope you will be inspired to my community & help me spread the word :)