How to Fix Earrings - Fix English Lock Earrings - Adjust Earrings Closure - DIY Fix Earrings

*The posts/pins are made of pure solid 925 sterling silver, which is naturally a softer metal & can sometimes move a little bit.
So if your earrings feel "easy to open", all you need to do is to follow these quick instructions for a very quick & easy fix:
1) Please place your thumb on the pin from above, but not just on the tip of the pin - place your thumb across all of the pin.
2) Then press down on it very very gently and just a bit - they key here is to feel like you’re not really moving it but in fact it will move just a bit,
3) until it’s on the level that can nicely click to the lever back loop,
4) you can test it by moving/pressing a bit & then trying to close, until it's on "the secure level" you wish.
*Please be very careful, better many gentle movements rather than one too strong move.

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