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Rare Offer - Unique Gemstone Pendants, Statement Pendant, Large Stone Pendant, Heavy Pendant, Heirloom Silver Pendants

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Option1 - Created Ruby

*All pendant are made of Solid 925 Sterling Silver

1. Created Ruby - 20x15mm
*Pendant length 34mm, width 17.5mm

2. Prehnite - 20x15mm
*Pendant length 42mm, width 21mm

3. Emerald - 5mm
*Pendant length 54mm, width 46mm

4. Seraphinite - 25x18mm
*Pendant length 46mm, width 28mm

5. Jade 12x8mm, Mother of Pearl 18x13mm, Amber 8mm
*Pendant length 59mm, width 20mm

6. Lapis Lazuli - 38x30mm
*Pendant length 43mm, width 41mm

7. Dendritic Agate - 38x30mm
*Pendant length 43mm, width 41mm

8. Labradorite - 25x18mm
*Pendant length 45mm, width 28mm

9. Larimar - 16x12mm
*Pendant length 40mm, width 15mm

10. Mother of Pearl Mosaic - 18x12mm
*Pendant length 35mm, width 19mm

11. Rhodochrosite - 25x18mm
*Pendant length 38mm, width 20mm

12. Larimar - 14x10mm
*Pendant length 38mm, width 12mm

13. Rhodochrosite - 20x15mm
*Pendant length 41mm, width 20mm

14. Sandstone - 21x21mm
*Pendant length 36mm, width 26mm

15. Chalcedony - 25x18mm
*Pendant length 45mm, width 28mm

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How to measure my ring size?

The easiest at-home method to measure your ring size is to simply order a plastic ring sizer - it looks like a zip-tie and costs just a few dollars. Another option might be to simply pop into a local jewelry store where they can help you determine your size as well. However we would always recommend to stay away from string, tape, ruler or paper measurements at home - these are inaccurate and will most likely cause more hassle with the need of resizing your ring.

How do I clean my Jewelry?

You can clean you're jewelry at home using a toothbrush and little bit of soapy water! Gently brush your jewelry with the toothbrush and soapy water, and make sure it dries well before using it!

Can Jewelry tarnish over time?

Tarnish is simply a natural reaction of any metal with the water, air and any chemicals (such as body lotion or perfumes). There is nothing to worry about it and it this ever happens it can be restored to its natural look cleaning in with a polishing cloth!

What is Gold Vermeil?

In Adina Stone we make sure we use the best quality materials for our customers - For our platings we use Gold Vermeil, which is the best standard for gold plating - it’s a thick 3 micron layer of 18k gold plating over solid 925 Sterling Silver - so you only have precious metals in your pieces. 

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Before your new piece is ready to be shipped, it has to go through a few processes such as cleaning, polishing, resizing, etc. so it’s perfectly ready for you. We do our very best to ship the products ASAP, so each item will be dispatched within 1-3 working days.

Shipping time estimates:

  • UK - 2-3 days
  • USA ✈ 5-10 days
  • Europe (all countries) ✈ 5-7 Days
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