Ruby - July Birthstone

Ruby is the July Birthstone & the 40th Anniversary stone. It is a Precious stone & as so belongs to the most exclusive group of gems. 
It is a variety of a Corundum gem family & its stunning color is caused by Chromium. Ruby comes in many different grades, some are translucent & opaque - normally the clearer grades are worth many thousands of dollars . The name Ruby originates from Latin word “ruber” meaning Red.

It is one of the most significant stones in our history, Rubies are mentioned in Bible associated with beauty & wisdom. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, they call Ruby “ratnaraj” which means “king of precious stones”. Warriors in Burma believed Rubies would make them invincible - they went as far as to insert the gemstones in their flash to make the ruby part of their body.
 Some even claim Rubies are good for mother & baby wellbeing.

Ruby symbolises passion & love, thus it’s a perfect romantic gift choice.

Ruby strength is 9 on Mohs Scale. 
 Ruby care instructions - simply use some soapy water & wipe.

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