Coral Gemstone - Pink, Red & Angel Skin

Coral Gemstone - Pink, Red & Angel Skin

Corals are organic gems sourced from ocean (coral reefs). They appear in various colors: white, cream, pink, red and orange, blue, violet and a light vivid pink color, which is called “angel’s skin”. Our corals are pink, red & “Angel Skin” - all sourced from Sardinia (Italy).

Corals go far in a history & were used for jewelry, carving, etc. for a long time. Now due to environmental changes & legal restrictions - this gemstone is far harder to source & constantly increases on price: To harvest corals, divers need to reach coral forests in greater depths than ever before. Pollution, human encroachment, overfishing, increasing ocean temperatures, and rising sea levels have harmed the health of coral reefs, also, coral is being harvested faster than it can grow. Due to all these factors, United Nations put restrictions on Coral sourcing & sales.

From history: Greeks legends believe that Perseus set Medusa’s (a woman with venomous snakes hair) head down on the sand and then her blood turned the seaweed into red coral. Ancient Romans believed that coral reefs made the waves & the ocean calm. During the Victorian era, people have worn coral beads to protect themselves from evil & bring a good luck upon them.

Cultures all around the world believed corals have a positive influence & bring health, happiness, wisdom, success & more.

Coral’s strength is 3-4 on Mohs Scale - it is a soft gem & to keep it beautiful, you should keep it safe from your other jewelry (to avoid scratches).

It is also a porous gem & to protect it, don’t wear your coral piece in pools & don’t expose it to heat or chemicals (including any cosmetics) - you would risk losing its shine & color.

When cleaning, don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaner - simply clean your coral with a soft cloth and briefly rinse in a soapy water.

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