Amber - the time capsule

Amber is an organic gem formed tens of millions yeas ago by organisms & sap from ancient trees. It went through biological processes, hardened and fossilised, creating this “nature’s time capsule”. It is also a stone of Taurus.

Amber can be found in the ground, but also by beaches or near-shore areas where it was carried by the sea tides. One of the important sources of this gem is the Baltic coast bordering Germany, Poland, and Russia.

Today’s scientists value amber for it’s “three-dimensional window” into prehistoric ecosystems, as these gems sometimes contain thousands of animals and plants from millions of years ago.e.

But Amber was also popular throughout the history. The Greeks called amber elektron, meaning “made by the sun” & the Egyptians buried it in tombs for the afterlife. Also, let’s not forget about the famous chamber gifted to the Russian Tsar, Peter the Great - The Amber Room

.For its healing properties, Amber is believed to be a stone absorbing pain & negative energy.

Amber strength is between 2-2.5 on the Mohs Scale. To clean your Amber, use soapy water and simply wash the stone with your fingers, then dry.

*You can use a small bit of olive oil for extra polish & shine, rub it clean with soft cloth.

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