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London Jewellery Boutique. Everyday Luxury.

Adina Stone is a High Quality Jewelry brand from London. We make jewellery for everyday use made of the purest materials - Genuine Gems & Precious Stones set in Solid 925 Sterling Silver. Our mission is giving the most wonderful customer experience & creating high quality jewelry customers will enjoy to wear everyday. All our jewellery is hand made in Europe with high European Standards. Once you hold and wear our pieces, you will immediately feel the difference and an overall feeling of satisfaction that your jewellery was made to last.

Our designs are cast with a wonderful family run casting workshop from St. Petersburg. We also source all the stones ourselves, knowing their origin and pretty much everything there is to know about them.  I take pride in my heritage & all the hard work put into each jewelry piece I make, I hope you will be inspired to my community & help me spread the word.

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Stone Sourcing

Starting our journey with stone sourcing - we source all our own stones, cutting all the middlemen out and forwarding all savings to our customers. My husband has been a Gemstones specialist for the past 14 years & he diligently sources & examines each stone.

Sourcing all our stones is somewhat of an art form - it assures Authenticity & the high Grade of stones - this way we know everything about our Gems, where they’re from, how natural they are & most importantly - that they were sourced ethically.

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We cast our pieces using “lost wax casting“ process - the most traditional & well made jewelry making process for Solid Sterling Silver that has been in use for centuries. Offering All Ring Sizes - Free of Charge - we will make any ring fit perfectly on you whether you’re small or large size - beauty comes in all sizes 💍

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